Friday, January 23, 2009

We were born for such a time as this!

Wow, time really does seem to go by faster these days. I know people say "it only goes faster as you get older."I must say, that statement has been a bit scary to me lately as it seems our kids are just growing right before my eyes. I am learning to relax because I do know in the core of my being that God created me/us to be alive in these exact times. I am reminded often that God really does know how much time we have and HE is in control! I pray that I will use my time very wisely.I don't want to waste these precious moments but also I don't want to overfill my days with trying to pack to much into them!! I guess its "everything in moderation" as I have been taught. I do realize and have been really conscious lately that "there is no time like this". Time is something that cannot be given back. There is a season for everything. I want to be able to learn and embrace each season that I am in.I do believe that making good use of our time is something that is very important for us to grasp and really understand right now.There really is NO tome like TODAY.I think by using our time wisely and also those we come into contact with is something we should be considerate with. People who understand relational etiquette will recognize and appreciate it!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor day 2008

We had a wonderful weekend at our rental house in Leather wood.The kids got to enjoy the pool,
play ground, hot tub,and Savannah loved riding horse with Daddy!
Unfortunately, when we got home Wyatt got sick and we discovered that all of the kids tested positive for strep throat. So, they are all on antibiotics.Thankfully, we caught it before some of them felt real bad. Wyatt was really fussy so I took him in and he had an ear infection in both ears. Because of our history and how he was acting I asked for a strep test as well. I AM So glad that I did.

Savannah and Hercules

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Monday, August 18, 2008


More pictures of Wyatt. I know I have a lot of him but I am doing this for some of you that haven't seen him yet. These are not the most recent but I will keep them coming!

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Yes, Grant got caught with the paint brush.
This was so, so cute and funny. Wyatt just likes the attention of
his mischievious older brother!
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